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Do You Dream of a Clog-Free, Debris-Free Gutter System and Never Cleaning your Gutters Again?
Certified Roofing Has Your Answer!

Our gutter leaf guards will absolutely change the way you think about your home and your gutter system. First, we clean your gutters and downspouts. Then, we check your fastening system and add new fasteners and gutter hangers if needed. Then we install the most advanced gutter guard system in the world so that you'll never have to clean your gutters again, guaranteed for as long as you own your home!

Finally, an affordable leaf gutter guard system at a reasonable price -- a system that will keep leaves, pine needles, tree seeds and roof granules OUT of your gutters. Even with a heavy downpour, rain flows through the mesh and into your gutters with ease. No clogs, ever! Our gutter covers are the strongest and most rugged gutter guards in the world today and they won't collapse or wear out... ever.

Designed to Last for Decades

The screen on our leaf guards is a non-rusting, stainless steel designed to last for decades, and it will! Our sturdy and strong aluminum frame is anodized, it won't rust, and it is compatible with steel, aluminum and copper. Our micro-mesh will filter out the smallest of organic debris. We use this leaf guard system throughout the entire San Jose area and in the most challenging of conditions including mighty oak trees and giant redwoods that shed debris all year long, and a ton of it!


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Proven track record? As a matter of fact, yes! We've used our system on Bay Area homes for 20 years, flawlessly, without a single call back. Not even ONE.

Clogged gutters and downspouts create an expensive mess. Water fills up the gutters and spills over the front and back side, too. This causes rotted fascia boards, rotted decking, and rotted rafter tails. Then, when the time comes to re-roof, homeowners face the additional cost of expensive carpentry repairs. Prevention is the key. By preventing dry rot, our gutter leaf guard system pays for itself.

Ladders are dangerous. And walking on steep roofs is even worse. Every year in America, more than 200,000 homeowners fall off ladders and end up in the emergency room. We don't want one single person to fall and get hurt. Why run the risk? Instead, allow us to solve this issue just once, for as long as you own your home.


installation of a skylight
skylight project
new skylight product

The back side of our gutter guard slips underneath your existing roof. The front side mounts flush to the top of your gutters and then it is screwed down so it can't blow off. In most cases, it won't be visible.

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