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Do You Dream of a Clog-Free, Debris-Free Gutter System? Certified Roofing Has Your Answer!

More effective than traditional systems in keeping your gutters free of gunk, gutter covers (also known as leaf guards) will change the way you think about your home and your gutter system. We will clean your gutters for free… and then we'll install the most advanced gutter guard system in the world, so that you never have to clean your gutters again!


An affordable gutter guard at a reasonable price that keeps leaves, pine needles and even seed pods out of your gutters - even with heavy downpour rains flowing through the mesh and into your gutters. No gutter or downspout clogs, ever! Our gutter covers are the strongest and most rugged gutter guards in the world. Weighing in at 4 pounds per 5 foot section, the guards hold hundreds of pounds itself. Take advantage of this great rain gutter cover offer today!

advanced guard gutter cover

gutter cover system

Our gutter guards handle more water than any other gutter guard on the market with 10,000 holes per square inch. They easily slip under any roof to fit on your existing gutter system. Fill out the form below or call 408-226-2222 for a FREE gutter cover estimate today and never deal with pesky leaves, pine needs and gutter debris again! Watch Certified Roofing install a gutter cover HERE.

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