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Certified Roofing is a local San Jose, CA contractor offering skylight installation, fabrication and repair with an experienced team who understands that roofing experience is a vital part of the equation when it comes to proper installation on anything from Sun Tunnels to Solar Tubes or traditional window skylights.

Custom Skylight Fabrication

We don’t sell skylights from inventory and just hope they fit. We custom fabricate our units to the exact size you need which normally takes about two weeks and there is no additional charge for custom fabrication.

Skylight Design

We design and build skylights to accomplish exactly what you want such as light transmission, ventilation requirements, energy efficiency, heat reduction or simply low cost.


Most companies simply build and sell skylights, leaving the customer to figure out how to install the products. Not Certified Roofing. We follow through with expert installation making certain that your new skylight is professionally installed, properly fastened, watertight and ready for trouble-free service for many years to come. Whether you have a flat roof, shakes, shingles, or tile, we make sure you will not experience the disappointment of leaks. Our skylights don’t leak and we guarantee it!

Skylight Repairs

Sometimes existing skylights can be repaired. New parts can be ordered, flashing replaced and roof leaks stopped. We’re happy to be of service and we’ll inspect your existing skylight and advise you accordingly. If it can’t be repaired, we’ll build and install a new skylight as necessary.

Acrylic Dome Skylights

Acrylic dome skylights are the most economical units we build. If light transmission is all you need, then a fixed acrylic dome skylight is an excellent choice. They are available in single or double layer dome, with clear, bronze tint, or white acrylic.

Glass Skylights

Double pane glass skylights are the most energy efficient design. Choose between clear glass, heat reflective Low-E glass, obscure white glass, or a combination of the two. Low-E coated glass skylights block the majority of interior summer heat gain, and reduce heat loss through winter months.

Operating Skylights

Operating-skylights provide the added benefit of ventilation. Because heat rises to ceiling levels, skylights that open will remove interior heat in short order. Come home, open your skylight and your interior heat is quickly evacuated. Operating skylights are available in acrylic dome or double pane glass.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights (light tubes) allow exterior light to pass through the tube. This design reduces interior construction expense. We offer 10” and 14” diameter tubes. The 10” tube illuminates approximately 150 sq. ft. of floor space. The 14” tube illuminates approximately 250 sq. ft. of floor space.

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We are a one-stop, full-service skylight company. We come to you, we assess your needs, we discuss all available options and we help you choose the right skylight for both your home or business and your budget. Call us today for a FREE estimate at (408) 226-2222 (office) or (408) 489-7982 (cell). After hours and weekend calls are always welcomed!


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At Certified Roofing we’ve been helping homeowners and commercial property owners save money for 30 years. We are a full service company. We design, build and install roofing systems, skylights, seamless gutters, attic ventilation systems, and energy efficient insulation for walls and attics. We repair and restore old tile roofs, wood shake roofs, and composition shingles.