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Custom Seamless Rain Gutters & Downspouts - San Jose, CA

Keep Your Home Healthy And Free From Water Damage With Custom-Fabricated, Seamless Rain Guttersand Downspouts From Local Experts, Certified Roofing Company.

We will fabricate custom, seamless gutters to the exact specifications of your home. These durable products are available in steel, aluminum or copper. Steel and aluminum materials are pre-painted at the factory with tough coatings that will give you and your property years of beauty and performance. Certified Roofing has been providing custom guttering to the South Bay Area including San Jose and Santa Clara county for the past 30 years and our customers understand that gutters aren't something that should be taken for granted. Properly installed gutters by a good contractor play a big role in keeping any kind of water damage at bay including damage to your walkways or even your windows and doors.

Gutters are a blessing when they are clean and they can also be a curse when they're not. Gutter covers can prevent the gutter system on your home or business from filling up with debris and getting clogged causing all kinds of expensive headaches. Our covers won't rust or wear out and best of all, they will allow you to protect your new gutters for a lifetime. Other accessories available include downspouts, leaf guards and ladder braces. Never clean your gutters again!
We offer you the highest quality materials and workmanship available in the San Jose area!

Ready to start a cusom gutter project in the San Jose area? Call me, David Cameron, at 408.226.2222 for a FREE gutter inspection and estimate today!

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At Certified Roofing we’ve been helping homeowners and commercial property owners save money for 30 years. We are a full service company. We design, build and install roofing systems, skylights, seamless gutters, attic ventilation systems, and energy efficient insulation for walls and attics. We repair and restore old tile roofs, wood shake roofs, and composition shingles.