Deck Coatings

Deck Coatings

Deck coatings are used to protect and beautify many different surfaces. They can be used on decks, siding, walkways, and handrails; also on floors, sidewalks, and stairwells. Coatings add value to the substrate by protecting it from foot traffic, water, and other problems of abuse that arise from daily use.

A variety of products have been created to protect wood and concrete: in fact there are scores of products that range from semi-transparent stains (both water-base and oil-base) to epoxies and urethanes that can provide protection to a variety of substrates for decades. Costs also vary widely.

We can provide you with expert advice about the best products for your particular situation, and create a solution that you will appreciate, using the best products at the best price-point to suit your project.

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Wood Decks – A variety of products are available that will protect and beautify your wood decks.

Concrete – Protecting concrete is important and easy. Many products on the market are formulated for just this purpose. Protective coatings for concrete can extend the life of your walkway, deck, or floor by many years.

Garage Floors – Very few surfaces take as much abuse as a garage floor. By applying a protective coating to your floor you protect it from oil leaks, paint spills and a variety of other mistakes that can make the floor look old and ugly. A coated floor is easy to clean and looks great!

We’ll repair any cracks in your floor and coat it with a tough, long lasting product that will protect it for years and still hold up against the daily abuse that high traffic areas have to endure.

Choose from epoxies, urethanes, and decorative coatings that will provide years of service.

We also offer economy solutions that won’t bust your budget.

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